Erik Ten Hag Appeals for Support: Manchester United Under Pressure

Erik Ten Hag Appeals for Support: Manchester United Under Pressure
Erik Ten Hag Appeals for Support: Manchester United Under Pressure

Erik ten Hag, the head coach of Manchester United, has urged patience from the board and stated that the team is moving “in the right direction” under his leadership.

Following Saturday’s 1-0 Premier League loss to Newcastle United, there has been renewed conjecture regarding Ten Hag’s future, with many questioning the Dutchman’s role as manager.

There have been rumours that Ten Hag’s employment as head coach could be terminated if the squad performs poorly in its next three home games against Chelsea, Bournemouth, and Bayern Munich.

Erik Ten Hag Appeals for Support: Manchester United Under Pressure

The 53-year-old head coach of the 20-time English champions is reportedly having problems in the dressing room, and some players are reportedly losing faith in him.

In his first season in the position, the coach brought home an EFL Cup victory.

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Speaking ahead of the match against Chelsea on Wednesday, Ten Hag has pleaded with the team to support him, stating that he can assist the team in its attempt to reclaim its past glory.

“Every trip will inevitably include difficult moments. I am confident that we will reach our goals since we are moving in the correct path. Since [you] are able to view my record,” Ten Hag informed reporters.

“I have my goals in every place I’ve gone, at every time of year. We can achieve our goals if we remain together and adhere to the plan and strategy.

“I have patience. I am unable to state that we will be waiting two or three years at this club.

The goal of this club is to win every game, and I believe that this should be the standard and the requirements.

Play each game with that goal in mind. Every game, I expect my players and squad to win.

“I’ll continue to do that regardless of the opponent. That got us a long way last year. We won the Carabao Cup and were third in the league.

We even had a chance to win the FA Cup final. I don’t want to modify that mindset.

“Because there is going to be a decline in culture.” This implies that I have a high standard [required of] myself as well as the team.

I also have high expectations for the players, and I don’t cut any corners in that regard.

“I am very realistic, but we also talk about it more on these occasions. The league has really stiff competition. The level has definitely grown, and there are a lot of strong opponents.

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“As I mentioned two weeks ago, the last three or four months have seen a significant increase in physical production in the Premier League. This implies that you must meet the criteria as a team and as a club.

You cannot possibly do less since you would never be able to accomplish your goals.

Indeed, winning the Premier League and the Champions League is our goal.”

Man United has now dropped six of its ten games this season in all competitions, and they are currently sitting in seventh place in the Premier League heading into Chelsea’s visit.

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