Premier League Giants Vie for AC Milan Star Francesco Camarda

Premier League Giants Vie for AC Milan Star Francesco Camarda
Premier League Giants Vie for AC Milan Star Francesco Camarda

Based on a report, Francesco Camarda, a striker for AC Milan who is making history, is being pursued by Manchester City, Liverpool, and Chelsea.

Coming off the bench in the Rossoneri’s 1-0 victory over Fiorentina on Saturday night, the 15-year-old made history as the youngest player in Serie A ever. He is only 15 years and 260 days old.

By taking advantage of Olivier Giroud’s and Noah Okafor’s absences due to suspension and injury, respectively, Camarda broke the previous record, which was set by Bologna defender Wisdom Amey in 2021, by two weeks.

Premier League Giants Vie for AC Milan Star Francesco Camarda

Because Camarda was born in 2008 and has not yet turned sixteen, Stefano Pioli’s team needed special permission to include him in the lineup. However, once approved, the Milan manager substituted Camarda for Luka Jovic in the 83rd minute.

Before making history by being promoted to the first team, Camarda is said to have scored an incredible 485 goals in 89 games for the Milan academy. At the age of 14, he was invited to train with the Under-19 squad.

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In 13 appearances this season for the Rossoneri’s Primavera squad, the striker has already tallied seven goals and two assists. He also contributed to a 4-0 UEFA Youth League thrashing of Newcastle United.

At six feet tall, Camarda has already contributed one assist and four goals in six games for Italy’s Under-17 team. Unsurprisingly, several of Europe’s top teams are taking notice of his antics.

Milan is currently in danger of losing their highly-rated protégé, as 90 min reports that Chelsea, Liverpool, and Man City are among the Premier League’s biggest teams keeping an eye on the striker’s development.

Although Camarda has reportedly been told by Milan that he will be a key player in the team’s future, the attacker cannot commit to a professional contract with the Rossoneri until March 2024, when he reaches 16 years old.

All three Premier League teams—Chelsea, Liverpool, and Manchester City—are rumoured to have approached Camarda’s family about a potential move as they try to stave off interest from outside of Europe.

The article also states that Camarda is anticipated to sign a professional contract with Milan next year, despite the allure of some of the wealthiest teams on the continent, as he and his family continue to live comfortably in their native country.

The outside interest in the adolescent, who Pioli claimed did not exhibit his age before his historic debut this past weekend, is nevertheless a source of concern for the Italian powerhouses for the time being.

“Camarda?” The Milan manager said to Sky Italia, “Looking at him now, he doesn’t show his age, he’s serene but we are accompanying him with balance and with a smile suitable for his age.”

Destiny can present chances at times; however, since we are dealing with a very young child, we must be adept at supporting him as he grows.

“Camarda is a very mature character who is willing to help us when needed. He has performed admirably these days. He will undoubtedly have a fantastic future.

Borussia Dortmund, Real Madrid, and Paris Saint-Germain have all reportedly expressed interest in Camarda.

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