Top Indian Bowlers with Most 5-Wicket Hauls at Home

Top Indian Bowlers with Most 5-Wicket Hauls at Home
Top Indian Bowlers with Most 5-Wicket Hauls at Home

When playing at home, Indian bowlers consistently outperform their rivals.

Spin bowlers benefit greatly from the several spin-friendly Indian wickets.

On the other hand, pacers are also successful in several Indian settings.

Top Indian Bowlers with Most 5-Wicket Hauls at Home

Many Indian bowlers have set multiple records in their names while playing at home.

While playing at home, certain bowlers have claimed 5-wicket hauls more than once.

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Interestingly, on home soil, Indian spinners are more formidable than pacers.

Spinners top the list of Indian bowlers who have taken the most five wickets when playing at home.

But one pacer in particular sticks out and is included among the top five.

We look at five Indian bowlers who have taken the most 5-wicket totals in the country in this listicle.

In both ODIs and Tests, Kapil Dev has amassed eleven five-wicket hauls for India. The former captain of India is ranked fifth on this list. 

In 150 home games, the right-arm spinner claimed 319 wickets. Dev played for Team India between 1978 and 1994.

It’s interesting that the only seamer on this list is Kapil Dev. In a Test match, he bowled his finest innings, taking nine wickets at 83 runs.

Ravindra Jadeja, an all-rounder from India, takes fourth place on this list after taking 11 five-wicket matches at home.

One of Team India’s top all-rounders is the left-arm spinner. Similar to Kapil Dev, Jadeja has only played 139 games, but he has already secured 319 scalps at home.

Top Indian Bowlers with Most 5-Wicket Hauls at Home

The off-spinner’s highest bowling performance in an innings is 42 runs at 7 wickets.

Harbhajan Singh, a former off-spinner, is the next bowler from India on this list.

During his career in India, the right-arm spinner claimed 20 five-wicket hauls.

In 152 home matches, the former right-arm spinner has claimed 376 wickets overall.

In a Test match, he once claimed 8 wickets for 84 runs, which stands as his greatest bowling performance at home.

On the list of Indian bowlers with the most wickets, Anil Kumble, the top wicket-taker in Indian cricket, comes in second.

Throughout his career, the former leg spinner has taken 26 five-wicket hauls at home.

Kumble was the most successful bowler in India, with 476 wickets in 153 matches. In one Test match, Kumble took ten wickets in one innings.

Top on this list is Indian spinner Ravichandran Ashwin. In India, he has also claimed 26 five-wicket hauls.

But in 121 games spanning three formats, the right-arm spinner has accomplished the trick.

After Kumble, the off-spinner has claimed 429 wickets in India. Being a current Indian player, Ashwin will probably be able to pass Kumble on this list in the future by grabbing another fifer. Interestingly, Ashwin is India’s most important Test spinner.

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